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So much more than just Medicinal Chemistry Services

A team that is led by a passion for chemistry, Organix has a reputation for devising elegant solutions to complex challenges.

PhD-led Partnerships

Our team of PhD chemists synthesize, invent, create and deliver compounds in an efficient and effective manner for the benefit of our clients.

Powerful Collaborations; Elegant solutions

Our team becomes part of your Research Group. We provide regular meetings, detailed reports and a flexible relationship with an immediate response to your changing needs.

State of the Art Facility

Organix is located in a custom built building designed for specialized use as an organic chemistry facility. In 2018, we initiated a large-scale build out that will add more instrumentation and large scale reactors.

Organix, Inc. provides organic synthesis services across all areas of organic chemistry. Our chemistry specialists partner with Biotech & Pharmaceutical industry and Government clients to solve challenges at the forefront of complex chemistry.