Organix has a well-established federally funded internal research program.

This program is being supported by the National Institutes of Health.


Organix was awarded a Fast Track SBIR grant to design compounds to inhibit breast cancer metastasis Dr. Anu Mahadevan is the Principal Investigator on this two year SBIR grant R44CA206723 entitled "Targeting breast cancer metastasis with Id1" awarded by National Cancer Institute (NCI). Organix is collaborating with scientists at CPMC Research Institute in this program.

Dr. Anu Mahadevan has received an award from Oregon Health & Science University to design and synthesize prospective inhibitors of the vesicular monoamine uptake mechanism, VMAT2. The goal of this grant is to discover potential medications for methamphetamine addiction. Organix is collaborating with scientists at OHSU in these studies.