Organix has a growing list of non-proprietary compounds for purchase. These include standards, building blocks and intermediates.

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Terms of Sale:

All products are supplied for research and development purposes only. They are not for human use or consumption, or drug, household, or other uses. Organix, Inc. warrants that its products conform to their descriptions as provided, however product descriptions are believed to be correct but do not claim to be all inclusive and should be used only as a guide. No other warranty, express or implied, is granted by the purchase of products from Organix, and Organix, Inc. shall not be held liable for any damage of any kind resulting from any use of its products. Organix's liability and Buyer's remedy shall be limited either to refund of the purchase price excluding shipping charges, or replacement of Organix's non-conforming product, at Organix's sole discretion. Such refunded or replacement products must first be accepted by Organix to be non-conforming.

Library Synthesis

Organix can prepare small targeted or random libraries of compounds from milligram to multigram amounts. Organix can perform parallel synthesis and has the appropriate equipment to carry out parallel synthesis. Please contact us for more information about our capabilities.

Scheduled Compound Libraries

Organix is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency to conduct research and manufacture of controlled substances and their derivatives or analogs in Schedules 1 through 4. This allows us to perform medicinal chemistry on templates that are scheduled by the DEA and also to provide small libraries of controlled substances. Please contact us for more information about our capabilities.