Our Team

Organix is a US-based Contract Research Organization (CRO) founded in 1986. We serve scientists in pharma, biotech, academia, and the venture capital arena all over the world.

chemistry family: we provide An open door to elegant solutions

Our staff is made up of over 30 Ph. D. chemists, all of whom are both excellent bench scientists and excellent communicators. In addition to our love of chemistry, we possess creative streaks, a desire for perfection and a track record of success.

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Anu Mahadevan,

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, 1994 Purdue University
Research under Professor Phillip L. Fuchs.

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Paul Blundell,

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, 1991 University of Stirling
Research at Texas A & M University under Nobel Laureate Sir Derek H. R. Barton.

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Howard Sard,
Vice President & Co-Founder

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, 1982 MIT
Research under Professor Rick L. Danheiser.

Meet our scientists

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