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Contract Research and Development,
Custom Synthesis in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Organix is your partner for contract research and development in all areas of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. We provide an opportunity to accelerate your advances from discovery to the pharmaceutical product pipeline. Organix is a partner in your project. Senior management is involved in your project at all stages to provide a comprehensive strategic outsourcing relationship.

Comprehensive and effective communication and collaboration with our clients is a hallmark of our success.

We offer

  • Contract Research and Development in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Custom Synthesis of Organic Molecules
  • Hit-to-Lead Studies
  • Lead Generation and Optimization
  • Structure Activity Relationship Studies to discover new molecular entities and optimize lead compounds
  • Collaborative projects to discover new molecular entities designed for specific functions
  • Design, Evaluation and Optimization of Synthetic Procedures
  • Design and Synthesis of New Molecular Entities
  • Isolation, Identification and Synthesis of Natural Products
  • Research and Synthesis of Controlled Substances
  • Design and Synthesis of Cationic Lipids and "Lipidoids"
  • Microsphere Synthesis and Microencapsulation


Our Approach

Organix provides synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry services at the discovery end of the drug development process. There are numerous CROs that provide chemistry services; there are few whose goal is to work hand-in-hand with clients in a relationship that allows total ongoing control of goals, priorities and synthesis activities. Our mission is to provide services that meet or exceed the services that you may have available in-house. We pride ourselves in our ability to react to changing programmatic demands as if we were in the laboratory down the corridor from your own. Communication and collaboration is a hallmark of our success. Organix contributes as a scientific intellectual partner to achieve your goals in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. An important aspect of our services is that Organix’ scientists assigned to the project solve synthetic problems as they arise and often improve synthetic procedures when appropriate.

Project Modes

Organix conducts projects that range from simple one step syntheses of known compounds to multistep syntheses of complex molecules. Organix offers two modes of operation:

Custom Synthesis (Purchase Order Projects)

These projects are conducted under the terms of a Purchase Order issued by the client. Custom Synthesis involves preparation of amounts of compounds that have already been described in either the public or proprietary literature and for which synthetic procedures are available. In certain cases, closely related unpublished analogs may also be amenable to this approach. Purchase Order projects are invoiced and paid for once the project is completed and the product delivered to the client.

Research Based Synthesis (FTE Projects)

These projects are conducted under the terms of a proposal that delineates the level of effort required by Ph.D. scientists working full time on the project at the bench. These FTE (Full Time Equivalent) projects generally involve more complex or longer-term projects. Generally, the compounds being synthesized have not been described in any literature. Synthetic pathways to these compounds may need to be designed before being executed. This FTE approach allows our clients the flexibility to change goals and priorities on an immediate basis. FTE projects are generally invoiced on a monthly basis at a set FTE rate.


Organix is your partner: We look forward to learning what your needs are and presenting our capabilities to you. We will then sign a Confidentiality Agreement that will allow mutual sharing of proprietary scientific information concerning the project. We will study the information that you make available and will conduct a literature review. We will then provide a comprehensive written proposal. We anticipate that you may require changes or modifications to the proposal prior to acceptance. Once the changes are mutually agreed upon and our proposal is accepted, the work is scheduled at Organix and assigned to a Project Supervisor and a full time bench scientist who is assigned to conduct the laboratory work.

We view ourselves as a part of your own research and development effort, therefore we are responsive to changes and redirection as the work progresses. This approach is designed to facilitate incorporation of any new information that you may obtain during the course of the work. You may therefore redirect efforts at Organix as the project goals demand.


We are very aware that the services that we provide are generally dovetailed to very tight schedules in place at our client companies. Therefore our reports and communications are designed to keep clients fully informed of progress, including successes and difficulties encountered. Reports can be provided on a regular basis in written form, through face-to-face communications, through on-line exchanges or via telecommunications. In addition, for more complex projects Organix can provide a Gantt chart housed on our, or your, secure server. This chart provides a continually updated record of priorities, status of ongoing work and anticipated completion and delivery dates.

Upon completion, the synthetic products are provided together with all appropriate documentation, including Data Sheets and copies of all relevant spectral and analytical data. Formal reports that include detailed synthetic procedures as well as spectral and physical details for intermediates along the synthetic pathway can also be provided. Any additional information, either for preparation of publications or submission of patent applications, can also be provided. We place a strong emphasis on good record keeping. Experimental details for projects are available at all times.

Advantages of engaging Organix include:

  • Comprehensive internal scientific and management controls of all projects
  • Communications include regular meetings, teleconferences, updates and comprehensive written reports
  • Real-time communication of project progress by secured web-based Gantt charts
  • Provision of detailed reports for patent applications
  • Management, directors and project managers at Organix are highly experienced synthetic organic and medicinal chemists
  • Bench chemists are experienced Ph.D. scientists
  • Easy accessibility to companies based in the US, including face-to-face meetings
  • Organix charges only for bench chemists
  • There are no charges for management or supervision

Organix provides a flexible, efficient and cost effective means of carrying out short or long term projects. We invite you to explore our services and determine how we may benefit your research and development programs.


Organix is cognizant of the importance of confidentiality and the protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights. All research and development undertaken for our clients is the sole property of the client and is regarded as proprietary and confidential. Any discoveries, improvements or developments that we make in the course of our work for our clients are solely the property of that client. Organix retains no rights to discoveries, inventions, or information gathered in the course of the work.

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